Fair Labor Standards Act Litigation, Done Better

Welcome to Sirotkin Varacalli and Hamra, LLP. We are a law firm dedicated to representing businesses sued under the FLSA. The FLSA in known as an unforgiving statute, because of the strict requirements it places on businesses. We’ve dedicated our practice to helping business succeed. By utilizing today’s best technology and offering clients unmatched personal attention, our law firm has shown how legal practice can be done better.

Our firm handles each case with care and vigor.  We have had many satisfied clients, but I will use one as an example for you. Our client was sued by his ex-employee under the FLSA, for allegedly failing to pay proper wages.  With a sharp reading of the law, we were able to successfully convince the judge to limit the scope of what the defendants were required to disclose.  After creative and cost-effective legal maneuvering, we were able to force the plaintiffs attorney to DISMISS the case.  

Unlike most law firms, we would rather resolve an action immediately instead of dragging it out and charging you an arm and a leg on legal fees.  Some case cannot be resolved within a few months. Our firm offers reasonable and competitive rates so that we do not burden you with legal fees.

We treat each client like a family member.  Welcome to Sirotkin Varacalli & Hamra, LLP.  We look forward to serving your needs.